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We have been in the horse world for over 50 years and I can truly say it is my greatest love (right after my wife and daughter of course). My daughter was born in the horse business, which has always kept us close and until this day we are blessed to share the same passion .You see, when we moved to the United States 8 years ago we brought our dear purebred Andalusian, Kamerun, with us. He is part of the family. However, the change in climate from France to Florida truly affected him in a way we couldn’t have foreseen. He now had bug bites, cuts, bruises, sweet itch, mud fever, “no-see-ums” bites… We have always preferred chemical free products when it came to ourselves but had such a hard time finding anything of the like for our horse that actually worked. In Europe, we owned horse clubs and always used herbal products. We thus used the products when we arrived here as well, and it changed Kamerun’s life. He was finally comfortable and able to happily pasture.
This is when we decided to start manufacturing those incredible products here in the U.S. All our products are hand made in Plant City, FL, in small batches using all of nature’s healing agents. Our products are safe, pure and natural. The recipes have been polished for over 30 years and we have extended our products to all pets, farm animals, as well as humans.
We work hard every day to ensure that we can make products to alleviate every animal and human’s discomfort. We now have flea products, bruise ointments, hoof care ointments, shampoos, and plenty more to ensure you and your pet can live comfortably. And of course, we only use the purest products available and never use ANY chemicals. We now cater to ALL pets, big and small.
Thank you for supporting our small business and trusting Floris Naturals.

Floris Naturals
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